Your employees are your biggest investment and investment in them is an investment in your business!

If your business strategy is not built around your people strategy, you could be on your way out of business.

HR Revolution’s 3 key reasons to invest in training and your people:

1. It helps builds loyalty – Providing training of any sort, will make your employees feel that you value them enough to invest in them. Feeling valued increases loyalty and loyalty increases productivity and ultimately retention rates.

2. It helps your business grow – Any business that stops learning will stop growing. Your employees are the ones who produce, refine, protect, deliver and manage your products or services every day, day in day out. Grow your people and your business will grow too.

3. It helps supervisors better manage performance – Many people are promoted into managerial positions because they are good at their jobs from a technical perspective, but they aren’t trained as managers so with the right training they can make the transition successfully and in turn help their subordinates achieve peak performance.

Developing your people and providing continuous training, will create a positive working environment and get results. Assess and identify the needs of your employees to get the best results for them and your business!

And remember, even if you have employees on furlough, like so many businesses do, they can still take part in training. The below is taken from the government website:

If your employee does training

Furloughed employees can engage in training during hours which you record your employee as being on furlough, as long as in undertaking the training the employee does not provide services to, or generate revenue for, or on behalf of their organisation or a linked or associated organisation. Furloughed employees should be encouraged to undertake training.

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