When a client asks us if an exit interview is worthwhile, our answer is always yes!

An exit interview is an excellent opportunity to gather vital information about your business, improve company culture and help retain staff in the future.

Keep reading to see why exit interviews really are so important:

  1. To Highlight Company Issues

First and foremost, an exit interview is an ideal opportunity to understand why the employee is leaving. If the employee is leaving because they need to work different hours, or because of team disputes, for example, there is the opportunity to resolve these issues and potentially retain the employee. 

Have a high turnover of staff? Exit interviews can help you to discover any negative trends that are causing people to leave, such as the desire for more progression and development. Staff who are leaving the business tend to be more honest when providing feedback than those who remain employed. Although it may be too late for employees already leaving, improvements made because of this feedback can help to reduce staff turnover and bring down costs.

  1. To Inform HR Policy, Onboarding and Training Processes

An exit interview is also a fantastic opportunity to check how effective the onboarding and training process was for that employee. Perhaps the employee has suggestions for how you can help new employees integrate into the business even more quickly?

Employees may also have useful feedback about the business reward and recognition policy, such as salaries, bonus payments and other benefits. Informed improvements to these areas could then help you to attract and retain more staff moving forward.

  1. To Make Your Employee Feel Valued and Heard

Exit interviews are also a great format for employees to raise any complaints and to share details about their experience in the business. By providing the employee with the time and place to raise any issues and speak honestly, you reduce the risk of that employee damaging the Company’s reputation once they have left, such as on social media or websites like Glassdoor.

You may find that some employees want the opportunity to say how much they’ve enjoyed working for the Company and provide positive comments that you can feedback to other staff. Whether they have positive or negative feedback, carrying out an effective interview will leave the ex-employee feeling valued by the organisation. Employees who part on good terms with their employer may even want to return to work at the business again in future!

Remember – allowing ex-employees to provide feedback can provide vital insights into your business, giving you the chance to implement changes and reap the reward.

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