As we tentatively look ahead to ‘business as usual’, HR remains instrumental in getting businesses and its employees back on track, re-onboarded and motivated. Outsourcing your HR function can help you to focus on what is important while ensuring you are operating within the law and treating your employees right.

So, why should you outsource your HR?

  1. We save you money!

Running a fully functioning HR Department requires qualified and experienced HR professionals.  Hiring just one HR Manager will cost you between £60,000 to £80,000 in salary alone. Most start-ups simply can’t afford this and would rather spend their money on the business functions that generate revenue rather than back office expenses. Outsourcing your HR function allows you to have world-class specialists without having to pay the big salary.   Our outsourcing costs are variable and can be reduced when business needs warrant.

  1. We save your time!

Outsourcing your HR, frees up your time to concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing.  Investigating misconduct, grievances or managing a change process can take weeks of work.  We can dedicate our full time and attention to these cases, so your business is not impacted. We provide clear summary updates and let you maintain control without having to do all the hard work.

  1. We reduce your risk!

It can be difficult for companies without an HR function to remain up to date on regulations that affect the workplace.  There is a constant threat of litigation for sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and wrongful dismissal.  We succeed in taking away this concern, we keep you up to date and reduce your exposure to risk of costly claims brought forward by employees. Employment law changes regularly and we provide updates to our clients as well as reviewing and writing policies in line with UK employment law.

We can provide a flexible service for your business, save you time and money! Want to know more about our services? Get in touch at for a free consultation about your needs and how we can help.