It is common to notice a slump in employee engagement in the lead up to Christmas and this year it may be even more prevalent. The festive season symbolizes the end of the year and a well-deserved rest in the case of most employees. Given the incredibly challenging time the world has faced, employee engagement may be at an all-time low this Christmas as people are eager to finally be able to put their feet up.

Read our top 3 tips on how to improve employee’s engagement during the festive period!

  1. Be flexible

December is often the busiest period for a number of organisation’s meaning annual leave is often limited or not allowed for this time. You could consider letting employees take a day’s annual leave in order to finish their Christmas shopping, wrap their presents or just take a day to relax in what can often be a stressful time of the year. This can help people get things ticked off their to-do lists, taking some of the pressure off during the festive season.

  1. Communicate

Everyone will be dealing with the pandemic in different ways and taking the time to open lines of quality communication can help you to understand people’s personal circumstances. By obtaining an understanding of their situation this Christmas, it can help you to identify any additional support they may need this year. With the days getting shorter and gloomier, it is important to promote a culture of open communication in order for these employees to access any support they may need.

  1. Offer coaching

December can often become very overwhelming for employees, which can cause them to feel disheartened and unmotivated. By offering additional coaching, you can support your employees in areas they may be struggling with, hopefully preventing them from becoming overwhelmed. By taking the time to address any issues your employees may have relating to their roles, it can help ensure that they feel appreciated and listened to.

There are many things that you can do to support and motivate your employees during the festive period. We can help support your business and employee engagement – just get in touch! Drop us an email at