If you’re thinking about working with an HR consultant or outsourcing HR in your business, you definitely want to find out more about what the working relationship is really going to look like. So you’ve done your homework, you’ve seen the websites, the promotional materials and you might be feeling pretty optimistic about the whole thing, the easy answer to your problems…

But realistically what is the truth?  Here are three things that you probably really don’t want to hear about working with an HR consultant!

We can’t fix your problems overnight

You probably expected us to tell you that we have a magic, top-secret strategy that you can use to revolutionise your workplace in hardly any time at all. The reality here is that employment legislation, human behaviour, and company cultures can be complex, and it isn’t always possible to fix deep-rooted problems overnight.

We’ll need to get to know you and your business, and make a thorough assessment of the issues that are at play. It’s vital that we manage everyone’s expectations, and this will ensure that once the consultancy project is completed, you’ve made real and tangible progress, and you’re in a position to move forward.

We can tell when you’re withholding information

Let’s face facts… If things were running according to plan in your business, you probably wouldn’t be calling on our services. Though we often work with exceptional leaders who are eager to go above and beyond the call of duty, most of our clients approach us because they need help with navigating through difficult or turbulent times.

For us to be able to give you the support you need though, it’s important that you’re completely honest with us, and share the full details of your circumstances. If you don’t, then there’ll inevitably be a period during which we’re simply skirting around the surface issues! In your consultations with us, we’ll ask all the right questions so we can unearth the details that we need. We appreciate your honesty!

Buy cheap, buy twice

It’s always sensible to keep a keen eye on your budget, but going for the cheapest option can often mean that you won’t get the level of service that you really need.  Whatever the size of your business we have a HR solution for you, simply put, when you invest in quality consultancy, you get better results.  HR Revolution offers performance focused HR that builds the business with you.

We’re happy to offer a no-obligation HR Audit, so you can find out more about how we might be able to assist you, the kind of results that we can help you to achieve, and what the process is likely to look like in practical terms.

Get in touch to find out more.