With the struggles of 2020 continuing into 2021 and the impact of Covid, it can be difficult to remain positive and work can have a big impact on how you feel. We spend nearly two thirds of our life at work, and when working from home that can feel even more all-consuming, so as an employer it’s really important to create a positive workplace, where employees feel happy and valued.

Here are three easy steps to create a more positive workplace, even if that is at home!

1. Acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments – Employees will respond to praise and appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work, because it reinforces their work is valued.  It increases job satisfaction and productivity they are motivated to keep up the good work.

2. Listen to employee feedback – Feedback whether good or bad is essential in the workplace.  It is important to discuss with employees what they have achieved and what is going well in their job, to ensure you are making use of their skill set and show what they can improve upon.

3. Reward good work – In the current climate, you may not always be able to reward by means of a pay-rise, but you could implement exciting incentives that give the employee something tangible to work towards, or introduce other reward schemes like extra holiday etc.

When employers develop positive people cultures, they achieve significantly higher levels of financial performance, productivity and employee engagement, a great way to round an already tough year!

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