With thousands of new graduates entering the job market this summer, you may be considering taking on some of these candidates within your company. But do you still need some convincing as to why this is a good business decision – especially when you compare it to bringing on an experienced candidate?

The good news is there are many reasons why in our experience hiring graduates can be a positive decision for your company. We want to discuss some of the benefits this engaging talent pool can bring to your business and hopefully inspire you to create opportunities for junior talent within your teams.

1. They ooze enthusiasm

One of the first qualities you will (hopefully) notice in a graduate employee is their unwavering enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck in to any task you set them. As this will be their first job graduates are willing to work hard and this means taking on tasks with enthusiasm and energy in order to prove themselves. Graduates are ambitious and will want to work hard in order to climb the career ladder, so approaching situations with an open and passionate attitude are common place for junior talent wanting to get noticed and be rewarded.

2. They have fresh ideas

Just like their positive attitudes, graduates also bring with them new ideas and fresh perspectives. They are likely to be tech savvy and have ideas for improving productivity with new tech, or introducing fun team building initiatives that they learnt from being members of clubs and societies at university. Tapping into the minds of your graduate employees therefore offer new ways of thinking to older generations in your business, which can be beneficial for working practices and company culture alike.

3. They want to learn

Having just left the throngs of university – where they will have become proficient at self-studying and managed their own workloads – graduates are ready and raring to learn new things. If you have a training scheme that offers your team a chance to develop new skills then this will be of great interest to a graduate. This means you can mould your junior team members by being strategic in the seminars/workshops you offer staff, helping to create a workforce that lives and breathes your company mission and values because they have engaged with your business-specific training opportunities.

4. They are the future of your business

One of the most obvious reasons for your business not to neglect graduate talent is simple, eventually there won’t be a business without them. This means there is a long-term business reason for you to teach them new skills and build their experience with your business so that they can form part of your company succession planning. The graduate talent of today will soon be the leaders of your company, so if you put off interacting with them then you run the risk of building a workforce who are out of touch with how your company functions at the junior as well as the senior level.

5. They are affordable

The final reason, and perhaps the most attractive one, is that graduate talent are affordable. You can easily research what the industry standard is for entry level roles in your sector. Once you know your budget for a new hire it may be that the graduate level is the best option for your business because of their lower salary requirements. However don’t forget: it’s important to fairly reward everyone in your team according to their responsibilities and clearly communicate progression routes for entry level team members so that they stay motivated.

If you are looking to hire graduates but not sure where to start then get in touch.