Hiring the right employees with the right skill set, personality and experience can be the making of your business.  If an employee has good personal values, it will certainly show in their work habits and performance.

Here are 5 qualities that every good employee should possess regardless of their job role:

Good Problem Resolution Skills

Solving problems are a big part of every job and having skilled problem solvers in the workplace is a valuable asset and should be looked upon and appreciated as such. The scale of these problems can vastly vary according to the level of the role, but nevertheless as employees we all need to have some degree of problem resolution ability.

Positive Attitude

An employee’s enthusiasm for their job shines through, to managers, to employees and to clients. It is desirable for every employer to have employees that know what they are doing and enjoy what they are doing.

Conflict Resolution Ability

How employees deal with conflict inside the workplace is one thing that reveals their overall attitude.  Does the employee get involved in multiple workplace relation conflicts? If so, then why?  How they resolve minor professional conflicts will also give you a perspective as to how they will fare in more serious conflict situations.

High Quality of Work

We are all human, but a good employee will learn to reduce mistakes to a minimum, through a combination of careful reviewing, double checking and experience. But high levels of quality can be a combination of accuracy, attention to detail, work experience, good research and a positive job attitude and pride in the work they produce.


The ability to adapt to situations, new tasks, unexpected changes in tasks, workload and the general changes every workplace experience is a vital ability for all employees. All businesses change, the world is changing all the time, now more than ever, and good employees will have the ability to manage change, through a natural ability or a learned one.

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