It’s 2019 – a new year, a beginning, so new goals and resolutions, new plans and new directions naturally fuel your thoughts. Lots of people find New Year’s resolutions intimidating and daunting, but you can take action to achieve your new goals with these eight suggestions for work goals to guide you.

If you write out your New Year’s resolutions, it will make them seem real, and you will restore and revitalize your spirit to take advantage of all the possibilities of the coming year, making this your best year ever!

  1. Try to learn something new every day

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the same old routine. Why not read an article, discuss a new approach with a colleague, or research what other businesses are doing. You have the internet at your disposal and the opportunities for learning are increasing every day in the information overload age.

Or read, maybe 1 or 2 business books a month, plus appropriate, online magazine and journals, you might not always reach that goal, but it’s there to challenge you to learn and continue to grow.

  • Track Your To-Do List

Use a daily planner such as Microsoft Office Outlook, Google Calendar, or an app on your smartphone, as it allows you to empty much of the day’s detail from your mind.

A personal exercise tracker, a Fitbit or something similar can help you keep track of steps, calories consumed, weight, sleep, and exercise. This is handy for tracking your more personal goals and dumping the information into a tracker gives your mind room for more critical thinking.

  • Practice professional courage

This year why not step out of your comfort zone? Think about what you usually do when an issue occurs? Do you mentally make up excuses as to why you really don’t have to speak up, or why taking a stand on an issue will get you in trouble?

Say what you’re actually thinking when you find yourself in this situation…if only just once. Your co-workers will admire you and remember you don’t have to be rude or argumentative, just quietly, concisely, and professionally state your opinion.

You’ll probably find that speaking your mind gets easier after you’ve broken through your self-imposed barriers the first couple of times and you’ll realize that you survived the experience, and your career might thrive as a result of leaving your comfort zone.

  • Do Something Just for You

You can get caught up in doing for others every minute of your workday when you’re a manager or a business professional and this problem is compounded when you have family members who occupy your non-work hours.

Make sure you set a little time aside for yourself every day. Use it to exercise, relax, reflect, meditate, cook dinner, write a journal, walk your pet, or do any other activity that takes your fancy. Just make sure that the activity is different from what you’re already doing all day long.

  • Credit where credit’s due

Studies have found that people who receive praise or recognition for their are more happy and productive.

You’re less likely to have frequent interaction with your boss in this era of empowered employees and broad spans of managerial control, so it’s important that you recognize yourself for your excellent efforts. One way to do this is to keep a file of positive notes, thank you letters, and reminders of your successful ventures.

  • Talk less and listen more

Make sure to listen to all that your colleagues are saying this year. They might just want a sounding board, not necessarily advice or problem-solving.

Lending them an ear can empower them to solve their problems. They’re more likely to move from “stuck” to “action” when they feel someone is listening.

  • Take yourself and life a little less seriously

You can get bogged down in serious deliberation, advising, and problem-solving as you strive for business success, but take time to laugh.

Smile when you hear stories about what your colleagues are doing after hours – or even, during work hours. Enjoy colleagues for their little quirks and differences. Appreciate the different strengths, skills, and experiences they bring to work.

  • Setting resolutions and keeping to them

Ok, this is the part where you don’t stuff your list into a drawer and forget about it!!! Your resolutions will be more manageable and you will more easily stick with them if you keep the concepts simple.

Be accountable and choose the resolutions that most resonate with you, the resolutions you’re most likely to stick with – the resolutions with the greatest opportunity to transform your world.

Here’s to a productive, resolution filled 2019…