As business owners we all have a mission… to make a success of our business!
For each of us though that success will be different; revenue, size, growth, reputation, however, we all have the same mission, to be successful!

What does your branding say about you?

It starts with branding; it says everything about you and the business you are promoting. It also has a massive impact on the people that you want to work for you and the products and services you are promoting.

There are many key objectives to focus on; ensuring your products and services are right for the market, driving profits, hiring the right team, and finding the best suppliers for quality, cost, and delivery. To get this all right you must focus on your brand message, the message that people (people being, potential customers, suppliers, or employees!) see you deliver to the business world!

Think of a business that you would love to emulate, a business that if you were a potential employee, you would love to work for. What attracts you to them? In the beginning, it will be the brand that got you interested in the first place. We naturally want to belong, to be part of something, and that’s how the branding process works, learn how to build your brand and you are halfway there.

How do you know what your culture should be?

Well, that depends on what it is! It should be at the centre of your brand and reflect the very heart of your values. To get started on your employer brand journey, you should think about:
• What are the things that make your best employees tick?
• What is the ethos of the business?
• What is important to you as a business owner, your morals, your ethics in business?
• What do you expect from your teams?
• Every brand has a promise… what is your promise to potential employees?

Once you know the answers to these questions you can start to build your employee offering around it! Start to create your job expectations, training manuals and induction and orientation programmes. Design and tailor your appraisals, review processes and your employee handbooks to mirror and echo this brand promise and your people processes are ready to roll.

If you are unsure of how to start with this, HR Revolution are here to help! We can help with the employee offering experience and your people strategy just get in touch! Drop us an email at