Why bother with Employment contracts?
30th January 2018

Despite it being a legal obligation, many business owners think that it’s in their interests to delay giving an employee a contract, or not bothering at all, but this blog will explain the importance of having employment contracts in place.

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Need to grow your business? 5 ways to keep your employees happy!
25th January 2018

One thing we hear time and again at HR Revolution from our clients is that they can’t seem to hire enough of the right people!

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Can stress ever help an employee perform better?
22nd January 2018

As we all know stress, in all its forms, can be life changing.

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Blue Monday may not be real, but Mental Health issues in your business will be
18th January 2018

Ok so if you’re reading this, then you made it through the most depressing day of the year.

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How to have a better “Blue Monday”
15th January 2018

How is your Monday going?  It is the start of a new week, probably lots to do, reading and actioning emails and maybe planning ahead for yourself and your team members.

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Think you wouldn’t benefit from an outsourced HR service? 4 ways we can help you save money
11th January 2018

Thinking your business could do with some help with issues that are bubbling away under the surface, but wondering whether you really can spare the budget to outsource? Is it easier just hoping for the best and carrying on as you are? We know that it can be scary to make that leap and bring […]

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New Year – New You – improve your mental wellbeing at work in five easy steps
4th January 2018

Happy New Year, another year is over and we start 2018 afresh.  However, according to a YouGov survey last year, three in five employees have experienced mental health issues in the past year because of work; below we outline five steps that can be taken to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

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