Why do you need to offer benefits?

Benefits are not only a great way to engage your employees, but they have become an important tool in attracting talent. Companies who exceed in being great places to work put benefits as one of their top areas of investment.

Read our top tips to consider when building your employee benefits!

  1. Compliance

You should benchmark your benefits and ensure you are compliant on a regularly basis. Statutory entitlements and auto-enrolment need to be considered in terms of budgeting as these are non-negotiable and must be offered by all employers. 

  1. Pension

You will need to offer a pension, all employers must provide a workplace pension scheme, this is called ‘automatic enrolment’. It’s important that you offer a pension that will help you to retain your team. 

  1. Soft benefits

If you are looking to attract top talent then you must build in fringe & soft benefits – Job seekers are interested to know about what life is like at your company on a daily basis, and how they will be looked after. Consider simple and effective benefits such as fresh fruit in the office, early finishes, or wellbeing events as well as healthcare, company cars and so forth.

  1. Communication!

Make sure there’s a communications process to launch benefits to new starters (and your internal team if they are new). New starter processes should be in place so that payroll can run smoothly with the process including agreed salary and benefits details.

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