Planning to return to business as a new normal will need to be different, how different and what you need to change for the better is up to you – there’s never been a better time to change how you do things.

There are many things that should be considered when returning your team to work, all of which will be outlined in more detail in our download.  For this blog we will concentrate on the most important thing – your people!

One thing to remember throughout all of this change and uncertainty is that your team need supporting throughout – even if changes are super-positive your team may not see it. As human beings we generally don’t cope well with change.

Your checklist:

  • Employee Health & Wellbeing – Build an employee assistance programme. This doesn’t need to cost anything you can build in solutions that can help with stress and crisis management.  There are many online EAPS’ on the market that start from as little as a few pence per user per month. They engage your team with online facilities and helplines where they can seek support should they need in everything from stress, grief and anxiety management, illness or health concerns, financial support and most mental health issues.
  • Consider your workforce individually each person will have their own challenges when returning to work some may be carer’s, homeschooling, childcare issues, anxiety, travelling by public transport, financial stress, general pandemic fatigue, having to deal with working as normal but of course not as normal is a big mental shift. You must ensure you are fair across the board with your team, but also ensure you cover each persons needs specifically where you can.
  • Consider your line management and ensure they have the support they need to be able to support and care for their teams. They too will be dealing with their own challenges and on top of this have to support their teams.
  • Build a wellbeing team, involve your team in organizing wellbeing and mental health support even if these are just coffee chats, break out times, peer-to-peer support, it doesn’t have to cost anything just provide support.
  • Relaunch and remind your team of what’s already in place. If you already have these things in place, take time to remind the team what’s available for them to use, why right now is the perfect time to start using these benefits.  Remarket the support offered and remind them of how easy it is to use.
  • and last but by no means least….please remember your own health – Be aftermath-ready. If you are to lead your team through this you have to be battle-fit, now more than ever teams are looking for leadership.

Remember: be prepared, ensure that you communicate what they need to know and keep them informed every step of the way.

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