Supportive and informative solutions to help with swift, stress-free employee exits.

We can help you strike the delicate balance between legal protection and minimising the impact a leaver may have on your team. We can keep your exit experience as a smooth as possible and a positive experience for those involved.

  • Exit solutions for all aspects of employment, resignation, termination, ill health and redundancy.
  • Management of the leaver process, provide advice and support with all documentation.
  • Train your team on how to address potentially difficult or legally challenged situations.
  • Provide coaching for leavers’ interviews and dealing with sensitive situations.
  • Support your termination process to ensure it is completed swiftly with as little disruption to the business.
  • Design and co-ordination of exit interviews to gather feedback from your leavers to help improve your process.

Ensuring a smooth exit for leavers will give you peace of mind that your ex-employee is happy with the process and your business is protected.