In a recent study, social media networks were found to be used by around 80% of businesses as a candidate attraction method and ranked in the top ten methods for attracting quality candidates overall.  

This is because candidates use social media to research an employer’s brand, their company culture and how to apply to their current vacancies.

Despite this, employers often overlook how their social platforms appear to a candidate. Businesses focus instead on how they look online from a customer’s perspective. But as we now know it’s extremely important that a business’ social media has content for employees as well as customers, especially as we see recruitment marketing shifting towards using tactics traditionally designed to engage customers to speak to job seekers.

Brands risk alienating good quality candidates when they fail to post content aimed at attracting talent. What’s more this lack of social media content for job seekers will lead to a shortfall in content that can speak to passive talent – those candidates who may not be actively seeking a role but inertly absorbing information about your business. These passive candidates could be vital when it comes to attracting great talent to apply for a position in the future, so they should be included in your social media strategy.

Creating content for job seekers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can provide a direct route of communication from your company to a prospective employee. LinkedIn can showcase your business credentials and display your company as a thought leader through sharing articles and professional content. Platforms such as Instagram are predominately visual and provide an opportunity for your business to show it’s culture by sharing posts about team events and in office perks.

Social media is also a great platform for promoting job vacancies. For example, Twitter hashtags allow you to reach your target audience quicker. Your vacancy will also appear in user’s newsfeeds, meaning that candidates who may not be looking for a new job can see the vacancy and be enticed to find out more.

Optimising your online presence is crucial if your business wants to be seen as an employer of choice by job seekers. Social media platforms are free advertising for your employer brand and provide an opportunity to engage with target audiences. 

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