Introduce the team

It’s your employees first day, ensure they are introduced to their team and given an outline of each of their roles, this is will give your newbie an idea of who to ask if they have any queries. Make sure the team are aware that they need to be on hand to support the onboarding process of your new employee, this will ensure that the new employee feels supported and will thrive as part of their new team.

Give a good induction

It is important that you equip your new employee with all the tools they need to get started. Make sure you run through an induction on their first day to outline all the necessary HR processes (always include a tour of the office so that they know where to go to the toilet! and make the ever important cups of coffee or tea!). Also, take them through what the job entails and give them an introduction, training session on the software they will be using – helping them to get to grips with it early on.

Have a structured Progression Plan

Structure ensures that an employee always knows what to do or what will happen next. It shows that the company is organised and that you, as a manager are focused on their progress to start making an impact in the company. For example making a 90 day plan for goals which your new hire can work towards is a fantastic way to keep everything organised, compliant and straightforward, and gives you as a manager the chance to keep updated with all tasks and where the employee is in the process.

Schedule regular progress updates

Make sure to check in with your employee at regular intervals, scheduling a regular 1 to 1 will allow your employee to raise any issues they are having. However, it is also important that they know they can email you with any issues in between,  remember unanswered questions and uncertainty of new processes can slow progress which isn’t beneficial for either of you.

Keep it realistic

It’s okay to have high expectations, after all you have taken on your new employee because you think they will be great for the job, but it’s important to make sure you are also realistic. Don’t expect every single new employee to hit the ground running on their first day, it can take time for people to adjust and start working to your standards!

Remember recruiting the right candidate is only part of the task when you are hiring; on-boarding is crucial to ensure the future success of all employees and helps them feel confident and comfortable in the process.

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