Whether you are a SME or a global company, HR and Talent strategy should be a priority for your business. If you have a HR function in place you should already be aware of your obligations as an employer and what you need to be doing to ensure you remain compliant. For those businesses yet to put in place HR processes and policies, keep reading to find out what a HR and Talent audit can do for you.

A HR and Talent audit is an informative process designed to shed light on what your responsibilities are as an employer and where you need to focus your attention. Our expert team can visit your office to conduct an audit, providing you with an overview of what you currently have in place and what you need to look at to ensure you are compliant and have everything you need to hire, onboard, manage, develop and exit your employees.

You may have employment contracts, certain employee policies or processes for parts of your business, but unless you are covering all the legal requirements for your business these may not be enough. As your business grows it is crucial that you have robust policies, processes, and terms and conditions in place so that you can support your employees and protect your business should anything go wrong.

A HR and Talent audit is an informative process designed to shed light on what your responsibilities are as an employer and where you need to focus your attention

The audit will cover off all areas of HR and Talent for your business, from your hiring procedures, your employee terms, company training procedures and absence management processes. The audit process covers off parts of your business which you may not have given thought to, such as how you are attracting talent through to succession planning. It will help you to plan and tighten up your internal procedures so that you can rest assured that you are covered and compliant.

With the introduction of GDPR there is even more reason for you to consider auditing your HR and Talent processes so that you understand your rights as to what data you can control and process, and what your obligations are to those individuals that you hold personal data on.

Ultimately the audit is a positive experience for businesses; you will find out where your strengths lie and what you can do to improve your business functions. It will help you to standardise processes, identify risk areas, and tie HR goals to strategic business goals.

Once we’ve sat down, explored the keys areas of your business and gone away to digest the information, we will provide you with an action plan. The plan outlines the top five items that you need action and we can work with you to build these solutions into your current structure or provide the documentation and guidelines for you to implement yourself. The audit report will go into further detail to cover all the areas discussed during the audit, and we will provide guidance and information on the sections you need to work on.

Are you interested in having a HR and Talent audit? Get in touch with a member of the team today to arrange a meeting and kick-start the next chapter for your business.