Every organisation is aware that happy, motivated, and engaged employees are the key driving force of a successful business. However, ensuring your employees remain that way isn’t easy, but a vital factor is keeping your HR compliant and accessible.

Making sure that you have robust up to date policies and procedures enables your employees to know where to go if they need support. Without them, you open your business up to inefficiency, unhappy employees, and the worst case scenario, tribunal claims.

The best way to keep your documentation up to date is to conduct regular HR audits and this is where HR Revolution can help.

There are many benefits to having regular HR Audits completed as it examines all aspects of your employer responsibilities and employee lifecycle, to ultimately instill a sense of confidence in your business and across your workforce that you take HR seriously.

Our audit will ascertain your business set-up, the industry you work in, how many employees you have and what your current set-up for HR is.

We will always meet with you face to face, to find out about your business and your team, taking the time to cover all the areas that impact upon HR and give advice along the way on the issues you may be facing. Once we’ve gathered all the information, we digest it all, put together our recommendations and provide you with your personalised HR Audit document.

Knowing what to do with the information is extremely important as your audit shows you the areas that need attention and HR Revolution can support you every step of the way.  

Follow the link to sign up for your free HR audit today: www.hrrevolution.co.uk