If you are an employer, it is your legal duty to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees and you must do whatever is reasonable to achieve this. This means you must protect your workers from anything that may cause them harm and controlling risks to injury or health in the workplace. This is absolutely not optional, it’s your responsibility!

Read HR Revolution’s guidance on the steps you can take to get started!

Health and Safety Policies

It is a legal requirement to comply with Health and Safety laws and have a formal policy in place. You will either need to build this into your employee handbook or have a separate handbook specifically for this.

Train Your Team

You must ensure you have the right level of trained support people in your business – this includes fire wardens, first aiders and mental health first aiders.  Training courses are fairly cost effective and are run on an annual or bi-annual basis.  If you are working in a co-working or shared office space, the businesses within the space should have the correct number of trained individuals between them.  Which may mean you don’t need to have each role in your team.

Wardens and Officers

Highlight those that would like to be trained as fire wardens, first aiders and health and safety officers – select those who you feel suit the role and ensure they are booked onto the relevant training courses to support them.

Contractor liabilities

If you have any contractors, review your onsite/contractor liabilities and assess requirements for separate processes and roll out as needed.

We can provide a free health and safety audit for your business to see what you have got in place and assess how we can help protect your employees and business. Just get in touch! Drop us an email at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk