If your business is going through any type of change or restructuring a number of key elements hold true, none more critical than inspiring individuals and teams to connect authentically with their audiences to deliver real results, strive for business excellence, focus on service delivery and emphasise quality rather than quality.

Listed below are a few people-centered thoughts, that if worked into a plan and delivered effectively will help aid business performance.

Awareness: Employees need to be aware of what’s happening around them, although they don’t need to know everything and that is normally for their own good as they would worry without having any control.  However, they need to be aware of what’s happening around then so that they can dig in and help the business where possible and understand their part in the restructure. Senior members must deliver the right messages to the right people in the right way.

Self-Awareness: Employees need to be self-aware once they have the bigger picture of where they fit in and they can work with what’s expected of them. Even if they are one of the roles being restructured you will have their commitment if you are honest with them and keep them in the loop with how and why the business is making changes, ensuring they know what they are experiencing is crucial.

Keep your values true: Personal and business values and the synergies between them are key. By energising intention and desire, focusing on action and the reasons for that action, you will get the best out of all involved.

Positive and honest delivery: If you are delivering news to your employees, you must ensure you are positive and more importantly as honest as you can be about what you are telling them. If you can’t tell them certain parts of the plan then don’t lie, tell them they are being finalised, keep them informed and make them feel you are on their side as this will really push the boundaries.

Take Responsibility: When we truly choose, accept or take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, commitment in employees rises and so does performance. So by working across the business, inspiring employees to take on new responsibilities you can really help things get back on track. This can be rolled out in many ways by helping your teams know what they are, through creative role and responsibility surgeries and team synergy sessions. Also by providing the necessary support, you ensure individuals and teams know what messages they need to deliver and how… to fellow colleagues, suppliers and clients.

Delivered correctly you will have an inspired engaged team with an increased performance capability that will support the business through the good times and the bad. Deliver it wrong and you have what you already have! It’s your choice!

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