From communicating the right values in your job ads to onboarding the candidates properly, the recruitment strategies you use can make or break your hiring process. Here are useful some tips that you should try out if you are looking to find the right people for your company this year.

Look at your employer brand

Let’s start with the hardest part…! Employer branding is perhaps the most important element in attracting, hiring and retaining great talent. In fact, 72% of leaders in the recruitment field across the world agree that it has a significant impact on hiring. Unfortunately, this is the most difficult one, as it requires significant investments in time and money to pull it off. The majority of which is spent on print advertising, online company profiles and online social monitoring. While this is an important investment, the return on it can be great.

Try out referral programs

Unlike employer branding, setting up a quality employee referral program doesn’t cost much and you can get results fairly quickly. Using one of these programs, you’ll be able to realise the benefits such as lower turnover rates, better quality hires, shorter time to hire, shorter onboarding and less money spent hiring…

Use Data in your hiring process

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and there are lots to measure when it comes to recruiting. Whether you’re using an ATS or not, hiring great candidates needs to be a process. Hence why using recruitment metrics such as completion rate, qualified candidate rate, cost of hire, time to hire, etc… Is key to track what you are doing well and what can be improved.

Review and innovate your recruitment process

When was the last time you reviewed your recruitment process? With the world going remote, where do you position your company and it’s processes? Remote, for instance, gives you access to a larger pool of candidates as you are not limited to a certain geographic area. Also, how easy is it to apply to your opportunities? We live in a fast world, candidates, especially if they are not actively looking or are unlikely to spend 15 or 20 minutes to fill in an application form. Those are just examples but generally, all you have to do is try out something different and innovate with your recruitment. As long as you do, your chances of getting better quality candidates increases.

Look for different types of candidates :

  • Passive candidates: they can be a real treasure chest of great talent if used the right way. When you think about it, passive candidates constitute your main pool of talent out there, and good news… According to research, 85% of the workforce in the world would gladly change their job for a better opportunity. So it’s time to apply some of the tips we already spoke about to make sure you attract them!
  • Great applicants from the past: These are the candidates that lacked a certain something but would make a great employee for future openings – so keep their contact data handy. Whether it’s for filling a similar role, an extra position or replacing your number one choice, these are the people to reach out to. When contacting them, make the message personalized and let them know why you’re reaching out.
  • Previous employees: As long as the new old hire had a good experience working for the company before, they’re one of your best choices for open positions. Think about it: they have spent some time on other positions, they will bring back new skills and work experience. Also, you will spend less time onboarding. According to research, it takes three to six months for a new hire to become fully productive. If the employee left on good terms, they may be the perfect candidate for their old role, a different role or a new role.

Use the right job boards

This means that you need to go to the right places to find your ideal candidates. There are niche job boards that are specialised in certain fields so why not use them ? They see less traffic than big websites so you will get fewer candidates, but they will be better quality candidates.

Make sure your job posts are accurate

It can be difficult to write a job advert, especially when it comes to advertising a technical position. For 2020, make sure your job ads are proofread, double-checked and accurate to avoid discouraging potential applicants from applying. Make sure for instance, that the experience you ask for matches your own company in terms of skills or time frame.

Improve your interviews

According to LinkedIn’s research, 83% of candidates said that a negative experience in an interview could change their opinion about a role in a company they liked. Don’t take the same route as everyone else: ensure that the candidates get meaningful questions and information about the role and their skills so that they leave your office interview (or video call) satisfied. That way, even if they don’t get the role, they’ll be an advocate for you and spread the good word.

Host and/or participate to meet ups

This is a good way of increasing your employee engagement by involving them in the recruitment process while looking for talent. You can either send out some representatives from your company to spread the word at an event with some free merchandise or host one yourself.

Don’t stop in 2020

The world of recruitment and HR is constantly and quickly evolving and while we believe these strategies will work in 2020, they may not be successful in the years to come. With a growing number of tech roles, the expansion of remote work, the change on skills required, the job market of the future could be very different from where it is right now and it’s best to stay up to date with current recruitment trends.

Not all of these recruitment strategies will work equally well for all companies. In order to advance your hiring, you can use these strategies, improve upon them, personalize them and make them your own. This is why there is professionals within those fields that can help you on a deeper and more customised level to help you find the right talent and keep them. HR Revolution is one of them so don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer you a free talent or HR audit to start with.

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