First impressions are extremely important, especially in an interview environment. 

Interviews can be one of the most nerve racking experiences in your career, some might even say life. Whilst first impressions can be important, your body language during the interview can make or break your overall performance. With experts saying that between 75-90% of communication is non-verbal, it is important to think about what your body is saying about you during an interview. Below are a few tips on making sure you are sending the right message:

  1. Makes sure you keep good posture – This shows that you are taking the interview seriously, and looks confident and professional rather than that you were wishing you were somewhere else (even though you probably would be!).
  2. Maintain eye contact – Don’t confuse this with a staring contest! but make sure you look at the interviewer whilst talking. It can be hard to keep eye contact when you are nervous, but looking away may look like you are insecure.
  3. Try not to touch your face. While it is a fact that on average we touch our faces between 2-4 times a minute, it is best to avoid this during an interview. Touching your nose can make you appear dishonest, whilst touching your forehead may make you appear nervous.
  4. Avoid crossing your arms. Doing this makes you seem defensive and can give the impression of resistance. It is better to keep your arms at your side or place them on your lap when seated.
  5. Mirror your interviewer – If you are unsure on how you should sit or act, watching how your interviewer does can give you a good indication of how they think it is appropriate to act. It also shows agreement and a likeness between you.
  6. SMILE – If all else fails and you completely forget to remember where you should have your hands or where you should look, just smile. A genuine smile creates a favourable image and will always ensure that you interviewer remembers you in a positive light.

Remember body language and the way you present yourself in an interview says a lot about you to the interviewer. Having said this, you can adopt great body language but if you don’t verbally communicate well or answer the questions properly, you won’t get the job!

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