Small acts of kindness in the workplace benefit, not just the receiver, but also the giver and the whole organisation, thereby creating a positive workplace culture. 

Employers need to create an environment where employees have mutual respect and feel valued and appreciated as these things all strongly contribute to creating happy employees.

Creating an environment that inspires workers and motivates them to put forward their best ideas and efforts will generate positive outcomes for your company.

Ahead of World Kindness Day on Sunday 13th November, here are a few employee engagement ideas to boost workers’ morale and motivate them to excel on the job:

Recognise successes and provide examples of excellence

Acknowledging accomplishments shows employees that their efforts have not gone unappreciated while also forming a roadmap of success for other staff members to emulate.

Invest in career development

Strong managers recognise the potential of their employees, not just their current abilities. Giving team members the chance to explore different roles and learn new skills can pay off for the company in the long run.

Give “sincere” praise

It has long been documented that when you positively reinforce desired behaviour, it is extremely likely that behaviour will be repeated. You should recognise both the big and small things that your employees are getting right and reward and appreciate them accordingly. This is probably one of the best motivational methods you could use.

Hold employee appreciation days

When you make people feel valued for their contributions, they’re more likely to stay motivated and optimistic even during moments of stress or frustration. Not only do employee celebrations lighten the mood, but they can also shine a spotlight on the type of behaviour that enables staff members to progress and fosters a sense of positivity.

Say thank you to employees

A simple pat on the back or commendation via your company’s social media platform can confirm that team members are on the right track and keep them heading in the right direction. Sharing their successes on your social platforms will have your employees feel recognised not only by their immediate team but by users who follow your accounts as well.

Retaining your best talent with a positive and engaged workforce is an important part of your growth and expansion process and with the right support, you will always be one step ahead of the competition. 

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