Sometimes there are employees that just “seem” to go out of their way to make your working life just that little bit more difficult, BUT before you finally lose it and have a blow up of epic proportion stop and consider perhaps an alternative way to deal with it.

Discuss it honestly with them – Sounds easy enough doesn’t it! Well it really can be, put your anger on ice and have a calm and open conversation with them. Start by explaining what you and/or perhaps others have observed and welcome their position on it, and listen to their side of the story. Only then will you be able to set out some clear expectations for improving the relationship.

Set progress levels – Change doesn’t happen over night but by setting goals that you can both agree on that are reasonable and achievable, over time the conflict can be resolved. This way you will have something measureable to work with.

Give Feedback – No one knows what they are doing right or wrong if you never tell them. You must give feedback, perhaps as each deadline is reached let the employee know how they went. If you are noticing positive changes in their behaviour, let them know. You are building the foundations on which you can build a better more positive relationship AND work ethic.

Take action if necessary – If the employee fails to meet the expected level of improvement you may have no choice but to go down the disciplinary or even termination route. Not something to be taken lightly and if you do not have an HR department within your company, you must seek the advice of an HR specialist (of course that’s what we are so feel free to contact us!). Remember if you have set out your targets as outlined above it is easy to measure performance against them.

Lastly how do you avoid this happening again going forward with future employees? Well you must start with yourself. Most employees do not intentionally decide to be trouble makers or perform their duties poorly, perhaps they just don’t know what they are meant to be doing fully or know the level of expectation. Are you setting clear objectives for them to follow? Do you meet with them regularly to help build a good, mutually respecting relationship? Do you ignore the little things that are wrong just to avoid conflict hoping they will go away? Answer these questions honestly to yourself and implement the changes YOU may need to, now.

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