It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Most people will be looking forward to the end of what has been a challenging year for many – from taking time out for a break with friends and family at home to letting their hair down with colleagues at the Christmas party.

Keep the work rota on track

It’s essential for everyone involved to have a break but how do you ensure everyone gets the chance to take time out if they want to? And what do you do when there’s demand for overtime or extra cover to earn more over the festive period, how do you manage that?

Four bank holidays stretch across this year’s festive period: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 27th December, and New Year’s Day. Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year, meaning Boxing Day falls on a Monday. For office-based staff, the way people work has changed and hybrid working is now so common.

Some organisations will traditionally have closed for the festive period, and it’s still important to check holiday entitlement around those dates. With hybrid working, the opportunity can now be presented for people to work during that time, even though the office is closed for the whole festive period.

Christmas isn’t celebrated by everybody, whether it’s due to religious or other personal reasons. So, if you have a ‘closed for the season’ policy, you should also put in place a policy that makes sure it isn’t unfairly penalising those who don’t wish to celebrate Christmas.

It’s therefore prudent to get organised to ensure people are best placed, with a fair opportunity for working at home or in the office, to ensure work demands can still be met.

Get a plan in place!

Have you got an organised holiday tracker in place? Have you got enough people covering your place of work at different times, so everyone can get the time off they want and need? Work out how this can all be managed in a fair way for all.

We use Breathe HR which is an HRIS system designed to make the booking and tracking of holidays effortless! Read more about it here

Top tips for managing holidays:

  • Make sure you have a holiday process in place that’s documented clearly and communicated to all.
  • Check your employee holiday entitlement.
  • Implement an effective holiday tracking system.
  • Make sure it’s clear whether holiday can be carried over.
  • Ensure your inclusion and diversity policy is accessible and clear for all.

Taking all religious faiths into account

Christmas must be inclusive for all involved, with an understanding that people have diverse needs when planning the dates for any celebrations. Not everyone traditionally celebrates Christmas, so talk to your employees and your team, find out more about what they do, how they celebrate and how they might prefer to get involved with your organisation’s celebrations.

If the thought of managing productivity and holiday planning over the festive season fills you with fear, reach out to our experienced HR team at HR Revolution where we can help with planning, policies, procedures, and general advice on people management to ensure your Christmas is a happy one for everyone! We are very happy to work with clients on one-off projects or a retainer basis. Email us at: