The performance review process should tie in with each set of position expectations and will give you the opportunity to praise, refocus and manage each of your employees on an ongoing basis to ensure constant and progressive performance.

Ineffective appraisals can have the opposite effect to what is intended. If performed incorrectly they can disengage your employees, even those who are performing well. Certain performance topics e.g. general behaviours, lateness, lack of team interaction should be discussed as and when they happen. Reviews should be either celebrating or refocusing an employee’s performance and your expectations of them in their role.

You will need to:

  1. Compile your suite of templates

Your template should include a breakdown of all the areas they are responsible for and the expectations that are in their role.   An action plan that outlines your expectations and what the employee may need to do or change in order to meet them. Ensure the employee fully understands before you get them to sign off and say something along the lines of “does that make sense?” to hold them accountable. Put in place realistic time frames for goals and actions set and ensure you make time to review within or on the dates set.

  1. Train your Line Managers

This is important to ensure your management team (all those involved in running your appraisals) are getting the best out of their teams.  It doesn’t need to take up too much time but does need to be informative and offer guidance on how to positively enhance the process.

  1. Make sure you know what to do when help is required

 At the end of the appraisal there should be an offering from the company to train the individuals on certain areas of their role that will help them perform better. If this training is more critical or comes after a period of non-performance by the employee then it should be delivered as part of a PIP (performance improvement plan).

It is worth considering linking to metrics with rewards to make them more relevant.  Having a scoring system in place will ensure that anyone that scores below a certain benchmark will not be promoted until they are performing at a certain level in their current role.

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