We all know that the environment you work in has a big impact on how you feel, so it’s probably no surprise that as adults we spend over two-thirds of our life at work! So, employers need to create a positive, healthy workplace, where employees have mutual respect, feel valued and appreciated as these things all strongly contribute to creating happy employees.

Read our top tips to help achieve this:

Acknowledge accomplishments

It is a proven fact that employees respond to praise and appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it reinforces their work is valued.  When employees feel like this, their satisfaction and productivity rise and they are motivated to keep up or improve their good work. 

Positive Communication

Make sure you communicate, as we know feedback whether good or bad is fundamental in the workplace.  You need to discuss regularly with employees what they have accomplished and what is going well in their job, helping them to feel connected and part of a team. Delivering feedback ensures your team strengths are being highlighted and made good use of, and of course, gives employees direction on what they can improve on.

Celebrate employees

Look for ways to celebrate with your team whether it’s an employee birthday or recognising a milestone or achieving a goal. Honouring wins and milestones improve morale by encouraging the person recognised and showing team members that important events are noticed and praised.

Reward good work

As an employer, you may not always be able to reward using a pay rise, but there are alternative ways to reward your employees, implementing exciting incentives that give the employee something tangible to work towards, such as a competition to win a gift card – which is low cost and give the employee the choice of what they want.

We can create and roll out a benefit and engagement strategy to work with and for your people. If you need any help with this or guidance about creating a positive workplace, please get in touch! Contact us at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk