An inclusive culture in the workplace is where an organisation recognises and supports employees’ differences. These differences could be in their background or their views, the list is endless. However, positive inclusive culture in the workplace is one where all employees feel valued. When employees feel valued, they tend to be more engaged and productive which opens opportunities.

There are numerous ways to create an Inclusive Workplace Culture:

1. Listen

This may sound simple but is often the one that gets forgotten. Give your employees a voice, no matter who they are, empower them to feedback on the positives and the negatives, and get their ideas on ways to improve how you do things. They may just surprise you!

2. Encourage a safe place

Encourage an environment where everyone feels safe and protected in not only their day-to-day but also when things go amiss. Make sure the Company’s policies have clear guidance and procedures on how to raise concerns and ensure they are supported from a well-being perspective.

3. Lead by example

Leading by example at the very top of the Organisation can help filter down good working practices to the rest of the workforce. By demonstrating how you communicate, interact and work with different members of the workplace community positively, you are leading from the forefront and others are sure to follow.

4. Inclusive recruitment strategies

Review how you currently recruit, are you unconsciously preventing yourself from reaching a particular pool of candidates? Are you recruiting in a space that is available to everyone? Are your job adverts encouraging a diverse range of people to apply? Are you an equal opportunities employer? If the answer is no to any of these questions, you may be missing out on good candidates.

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