Poor communication acts as a barrier to employee engagement and can often de-motivate and ‘un-do’ any of the positive actions you have in place. However, good communication ensures your business benefits from engaged, motivated and committed employees!

Read our top tips on what to develop in order to improve your communication approach:

A vision/mission statement

Write a statement for your business that includes your business values and ethos. Ensure that it outlines what your business stands for and what you would like your staff to emulate.

Legal communications

What do your team need to know about the legalities of your industry/business? It’s important for your team to be informed and knowledgeable about health & safety, security regulations and industry specific regulations, policies and procedures.

Internal HR Processes & Procedures

Use your HR Policies to communicate all your internal expectations and processes to guarantee your team know what is expected of them.

Reviews, appraisals and feedback process

This is your opportunity to communicate actual performance against the set expectations and a time to develop improvement plans and skill gaps.

Gain Input from your Employees

Hold regular meetings to discuss important issues, priority changes and new developments. Ask your employees what they think and encourage honesty so you can gain different perspectives.

Encouraging open and honest two-way communication enhances and helps to build relationships and in turn your business. Have you thought about your employee communication and how this could be developed? Get in touch with us for advice on this! Drop us an email at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk