A well-constructed employee handbook is essential.  Do you have a handbook for your business? If yes, that’s a great start!

So, what’s next? Check out the following steps on how to improve and keep your handbook relevant for your business.

Keep your handbook up to date!

Continue to update your handbook with new policies and remove others to serve the business’s needs.  Make sure that your company policies and procedures are included, your company branding, and company information are showcased, along with your team, your organisational structure and your contractual obligations. It should be a one-stop reference manual for your employees and line managers.

Communicate changes

You have updated your handbook, but who have you told? Communicate changes to your team and line managers as they arise so that everyone is kept in the loop with changes, updates or removal of policies and procedures.

Train your line managers!

Your managers should be trained in policy and procedures. You could provide training sessions and include this as part of your induction process so that your managers understand everything in the handbook when training other employees.

Where is the handbook kept?

Ensure your employee handbook is held ideally online and somewhere easily accessible for your employees to review (if you have an HRIS this is the perfect location for this!)

We can review your existing handbook and make recommendations to guarantee compliance and that it is fit for purpose. We can also provide training and help roll out to the business – just get in touch! If you have any questions or would like guidance on this, drop us an email at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk.