There are several factors to think about before you start the recruitment process, encompassing the below will save you time, recruitment fees and raise your profile! The time alone you spend on this project will pay for itself in the fee’s and wasted hiring time!

You should think about the following:

  1. Your Communication

Communicate swiftly so that everyone who approaches you directly feels important.  Make sure you use appropriate tone of voice and promote your culture throughout all communications.

  1. Your Company Brand

Use your company brand to help promote the best of your business. Keep building the awareness of the roles you hire and the people in the business so that even when you aren’t hiring you have a pool of people that are fighting to work with you.

  1. Your Templates

For all the different platforms that you advertise on build templates for everything you need to help with the direct process. Train the team that are responsible for direct sourcing and attraction to ensure they really understand why you want to build this talent pool.

We will make sure your hiring experience is a positive one, tailored specifically for your business and the needs of your individual hiring managers. We can assess what you have in place and provide a strategy plan ensuring seamless hiring solutions that source, shortlist and hire the right fit for your team.

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