During these difficult times it can be challenging to provide financial incentives to motivate and rewards employees. Many businesses are also unable to provide highly competitive salaries due to strict financial budgets or the fundamentals of what their businesses do.

However, there are other ways to motivate employees – it’s not always down to a bigger salary or bonus!

See our top tips on how to increase employees job motivation without blowing the budget:

Empower leaders

There are likely to be certain people in your business who consistently go above and beyond their job description to achieve great things. They will be passionate about what they do and the company they work for, so reward them by praising their efforts and thereby empowering them to be a leader for others to follow.

Be accepting of ideas

Many managers fail to recognise that always telling their team what to do can be very de-motivating. Instead of taking this directing approach, allow your employees to generate their own ideas by giving them a platform to share their suggestions and encourage their creativity.

Celebrate success

When your company does well, celebrate this with the team and thank everyone for their hard work. These are the times to demonstrate your appreciation for them and their contributions towards the overall achievements of the business.

Provide a great culture

Culture isn’t something you can create overnight, it must evolve to be a genuine representation of what it’s like to be a part of your business. If you encourage your managers to listen to their team and prioritise employee wellbeing from the top down, then a positive company culture will form and motivate your team as a result.

Invest in soft benefits

Office perks and initiatives such as early finishes on Fridays, team lunches, peer-to-peer mentoring or lunch and learn sessions are all examples of low cost ‘softer’ benefits that can motivate a team without breaking the bank. Conducting an employee survey to explore your teams’ ideas surrounding motivational incentives can reveal trends that can then inform your company’s approach towards rewards and benefits, so you can feel assured you’re providing what they’re looking for.

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