With the UK’s second national lockdown underway, employee wellbeing is an important consideration to make. Given the unprecedented circumstances we are all facing, it is normal to not feel your best and to be more than a little overwhelmed. With the gloomy Autumnal days already closing in, many may find this lockdown increasingly taxing on their physical and mental wellbeing.

As people managers we have a duty of care for our employees’ wellbeing whilst they are working, both on site and at home. The following tips are aimed to assist you in supporting your employees and their wellbeing throughout this period of uncertainty:

  1. Get Organised: Check in with your employees in order to understand what support they may require from you during this time. This could be additional equipment for working from home or the ability to work differently onsite. You should also discuss methods of regular communication to ensure they have everything they need from you.
  2. Communicate, share and be open: During these difficult times the fear of the unknown can cause a great deal of anxiety which can be exacerbated if information is not forthcoming. Maintaining communication is key even if the situation remains unchanged. Check in with your employees regularly, provide updates and ask if there is any additional support they need. Share how you are feeling and encourage other to do the same – talking really helps.
  3. Promoting Self Help: Encourage employees to take steps to improve their own wellbeing. This could consist of relaxation exercises, listening to music or taking regular breaks.
  4. Use Technology to Maintain Morale: Technology is a great way to help people feel connected whilst being at home. You could consider organising virtual coffee breaks so everyone can stay in touch.

It is important to remember that although we may all be in the same boat, everyone deals with challenging situations differently.

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