The answer is yes of course!

A business is only as successful as their HR department. “Why?” I hear you ask… because HR is responsible for the hiring and managing of multiple levels of employees from your minimum wage worker to your senior managers; and without employees you have no business.  The HR department is responsible for communicating company news, implementing policies, ensuring everything is compliant, keeping the employees informed and happy as well as ensuring any issues are resolved as they arise. 

So what would happen if you didn’t have HR?  Someone in the company would have to somehow manage all the recruitment, compliance, employee relations, talent management, policy implementation, ensuring a good working environment along with a wealth of other essential tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the business. Of course HR is so much more than that and its main function, implemented and managed correctly, HR can be used to strengthening the company’s culture, enable and manage business growth, supporting in realising company objectives whilst aligning actions with longer term business strategy.

HR can act as a gatekeeper of the company’s culture and often employee issues can be eliminated by hiring individuals who share the same core values in the first place. HR also helps managers/business owners to understand the personal side of employees and gives better understanding of their needs.  As an organisation increases in size the direct contact of managers/business owners with their employees’ decreases and HR plays an invaluable part in bridging the relationship within the organisation.

So… for a company to be successful and allow for growth and expansion, it’s necessary that you have a well-rounded HR department.  Here are some core areas an HR team can help grow your business:

Hiring and Retaining Good Talent

One of the most important HR functions and essential tasks is the hiring and retaining good talent.  This is a complex process to ensure that the employees engaged are the best fit for the company and are onboard with the company’s vision.  Any business is built on its employees and the service provided to its customers.

Employee Engagement

HR lead the way in ensuring employees remain engaged and motivated, and they can effectively do this by giving employees recognition, providing feedback, introducing employee incentives and identifying their learning and development needs. HR will always be looking at development of new engagement strategies to assist the employees fit the company culture.

Help Resolve Employee Conflicts/Disputes

Conflict within the workplace can take many forms and if dealt with incorrectly, can be time consuming and costly to resolve, potentially at an Employment Tribunal. HR can help to manage situations early on, with issues being resolved internally at an early stage. 

The conflict could be an individual with a grievance, a problem between two co-workers or an issue between an employee and a manager.  Conflicts get in the way of work and make businesses less productive, this is an area where the HR department can step in and resolve a problem with minimal damage, handling conflicts to ensure it does not happen again and acting as mediators between parties.

Review Employee Success and Set Benchmarks

This is very closely linked with maintaining a good working environment for employees. HR can review each employee on performance and ensure that top talent is retained at a company.  Reviews are also designed to identify talented employees and determine areas of strength and weaknesses as well as to be aware of any potential personal issues before they affect job performance.  HR can also support with the creation of realistic job descriptions, which will of course assist the workplace in the future.

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