Failing to plan for the expansion of your team could result in dwindling productivity. Start by planning ahead! Planning for team expansions means you will be prepared and have a hiring plan in place so that you can find the right people and get them onboard quickly.

See below our advice when considering business growth:

Review your churn rate regularly

Having a low employee churn is not necessarily a positive thing, but in general it is consistent with a stable, growth business. Having data which documents these statistics is valuable information for management and financial reporting, which will help to form your approach to future talent retention.

Planning for staff shortages

Effectively planning for staff shortages by having a pipeline of qualified candidates will ensure you aren’t left in the lurch without adequate cover that could affect your business productivity.

Build in your funding expectations

Businesses who are recipients of funding often invest this back into the growth of their teams.

Have a smooth new hire sign off process

Having a standardised process towards identifying open positions and putting a plan in place to fill them is crucial for allocating time and resource, along with budget. Having a unified approach also means there is consistency between teams and ensures managers are carrying out all the necessary steps before commencing a recruitment project.

Succession plan 

Make sure you have a plan for key roles in the business and what your future leadership team will look like.  As your business grows you will lose employees, so ensure you are always ready.

Do you have timeframes set?

Planning your recruitment projects should an employee exit (or when you anticipate needing a new head count) is an important part of your growth strategy.

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