The school summer holidays are nearly upon us and up and down the country teachers are breathing a sigh of relief and getting ready to wind down.  However, the opposite is true for working parents who will be worrying about how they’ll balance childcare responsibilities during the summer holidays.

The bottom line is clear. When the kids are off school, either due to organised breaks throughout the academic year or because of other factors, it can have a big impact on business. As an employer, it pays to take a proactive approach.

Read our top three tips for managing this:

  1. Have a more flexible approach

Giving your employees more flexibility can help to ensure that an appropriate balance is struck. Consider whether you could offer your team members the opportunity to work from home, or slightly alter their hours during the summer holidays.

When most people think of flexible working, they think of arrangements like the above, and, indeed, these can really help. Don’t be scared to get a little more creative though and think outside of the box. Many businesses have successfully offered term-time only contracts for employees who are balancing their careers with caring responsibilities.

  1. Be prepared for more holiday requests!

At this time of year, many of us are tempted by the prospect of booking a last-minute getaway. We all like a bit of sun and sand, but when your employees are planning a mass exodus, the situation can turn into a major headache. Remember that giving priority to employees with children could be discriminatory.

If you feel like you’re struggling to manage holiday requests, it might be time to implement a more robust system, which can help you organise stress-free employee holiday management. It can ensure that your processes are fair and equal and that you’re fully prepared for the challenges that the summer period can bring.

  1. Take the time to plan

Many workplaces experience a bit of a lull during the summer months. Employees are away on holiday, they’re thinking about spending time with the kids, and you might find yourself slipping into the trap of letting the time just pass you by. Instead of going down this route, take the opportunity to get your leadership team together and focus on where you’re going.

What are your priorities for the second half of the year? What challenges do you need to overcome? A little planning can go a long way. If the summer season is beginning to cause HR issues in your business, get in touch with HR Revolution and let us help you get things back on the right track and stop any minor issues from escalating into something more serious. Email us at for more information!