Learning and development is a fantastic way to connect and engage your employees, to promote and build your culture and to help showcase those that need additional input and those who could potentially be your coaching champions of the future.

Read our top tips on what to build in your plan:

  1. Regular training

Build in regular training across the business – provide monthly training sessions between 1-2 hours, to keep your employees focused and informed.

  1. Build in a training agreement (If you pay for training)

This should be something that you issue with any significant learning & development costs. It helps engage the employee as they are required to repay some, or all the costs should they leave within 1-2 years. This will help to give you peace of mind that employees won’t undergo training and then leave the business, without any recourse.

  1. Company culture

Your training programs should help support your culture and build on your proactive approach when it comes to developing your employees personal and team journey.

  1. Type of training

Review the type of training you would like and what type would suit the specific needs you have; 121 coaching, group, mentoring, online, which ever you think you need there are a multitude of options you can look at.

  1. The end result?

Before you think about who you want to train your team decide what your end result looks like, that way when you are building your plans you will always have the right result in mind to help you to find the right solutions.

Remember – work closely with your HR team to make sure you really do have a solution that will work with the business and build a 360-feedback process that ensures you have an ongoing training and mentoring process led by your leaders. Do you need help with a learning and development strategy or team training? Get in touch and find out more, drop us an email at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk