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Employee Handbook - 15+ Employees Tailored


Set the tone for your business and maintain HR compliance and best practice for all.  Our employee handbook is designed to cover everything your business requires to remain compliant in an informative and inspiring way. 

This fully comprehensive Employee Handbook is the ideal document for larger businesses who need to cover all aspects of Human Resources in order to support best HR practice in a complex environment.

This handbook will help you to set out core Company expectations in terms of general conduct and includes all of your integral UK policies and employment legislation. 

By purchasing this document you will also receive 3.5 hours of tailoring by one of our HR specialist's, who will build a truly inspirational introduction to your business and the relationships they will have within it. We will then provide you with a thorough and tailored document.

This Employee Handbook includes all the policies featured in the "Employee Handbook: 1 – 15 Employees" as well as an additional 18 policies (listed below).

1.  Performance Reviews
2.  Probationary Periods
3.  Childcare Voucher Scheme
4.  New Employee Referral Scheme
5.  Attendance and Time Keeping
6.  Night Working
7.  Lone Working
8.  Pandemic Contingency Plan
9.  Company Vehicle and Driving
10. Data Protection
11. Religion and Belief
12. Home Working
13. Whistleblowing
14. Capability
15. Training and Development
16. Right to Request Training
17. Employee Charged with Criminal Offences
18. Mediation

You can also purchase our 15+ Employee Template without tailoring, which is a little more cost effective, just complete it yourself! 

If you can't quite find what you are looking for or would like some help in selecting the right product then please get in touch, our team are available to help +44 203 538 5311 or email us on info@hrrevolution.co.uk

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