How a simple engagement plan can really help support and re-engage remote workers,

As we all know, due to the pandemic, there has been an urgent shift in how employees work, moving from office based to remote home-working which, in the main, has been forced upon most businesses and meant that new processes, technology and wellbeing support structures that have never before been considered, have been speedily put in place.

This shift in working culture has changed our outlook of remote and home-working. Many businesses will now be changing their structure to accommodate the new-normal, incorporating remote and home-working policies for teams. Lessening travel and onsite time will also help with carbon footprints, spiraling travel costs and travel fatigue, to promote a healthier more enjoyable working experience.

Positively engaging your remote workers

This brings a new challenge! How to keep remote workers supported, engaged and motivated! This doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune. In addition to support strategies from HR and line management there are a number of cost-effective technology platforms and apps that can really help, literally at your fingertips!

There are normally two camps for this;

  • THOSE THAT DO already have an engagement plan in place, that helps motivate and inspire employees. Plans that you already have can be tailored to apply to employees working from home. Get your employees involved in redesigning them to help really engage them in the new-normal.
  • THOSE THAT DON’T have anything in place, or would like to take advantage of this time to design a new or reshaped remote work program. This is the perfect opportunity to build something that really supports your culture of looking after your team, to help support them in delivering great work in a really positive manner whilst working from home.

There are so many different way to keep employees engaged during the continuing turbulent times but the most important part is building a plan that works best in your community and culture.

Your Remote working Engagement Plan

Your engagement plan should be bespoke to your business, your people and fit your culture. There isn’t a one size fits all for this and really should be something you spend time on designing so that your teams can really reap the benefits. This in turn means they are more focused, more productive and enjoy what they do, which provides your business with a happy, healthy and connected team that delivers results!

When compiling you plan look to include:

  • Guidance on expectations for employees around their role, business and team.
  • Connection patterns for regular contact with line managers, team and clients.
  • Planning and productivity.

So yes, there are many things that you can include in your remote working engagement plan that include your people, structure and culture to help with employees motivation and engagement whilst supporting their wellbeing.

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