Creating a handbook for your employees may seem unnecessary but having your policies, procedures and rules documented can be a very effective tool to help improve employee engagement, communication and management.  Helping to protect your managers and your business against potential disputes, answering employee’s queries and shaping the culture and feel of the business from the outset.

A well written employee handbook communicates your expectations as employers to your employees. A good handbook will create a fantastic impression for your business and will enable your managers to manage in a more consistent way. It can also help to welcome new staff by providing procedures and clear guidelines. You then have a handy guide for staff to refer to whenever they need to!

Here are some of the key benefits of having an Employee Handbook:

  • To assist in preventing employee disputes.
  • To be a flexible and helpful document that organically grows alongside the company.
  • To outline company processes and policies.
  • To supplement some areas of the contract of employment.
  • To promote clear communication.
  • To manage employee and management expectations.
  • To use as a key document during new employee induction programmes.
  • To guide conduct in the team and business.
  • To help shape your company culture.

Why do I need a handbook?

You need clear policies and procedures for dealing with matters such as absence, holidays, maternity, retirement and discipline. Your employees need to know what is expected of them and what the organisation’s response will be to avoid confusion or dispute later on. A good Employee Handbook can help employees and managers know where the guidelines are and what rules apply.

Does your company have a handbook?

If you already have a handbook we can review it and see what can be used and how best to modify it. Alternatively, if you don’t have one or want to start from scratch we can design and tailor to your business, culture and values, just in get in touch! Drop us an email at