Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can help you save precious time and money. With an HRIS, you can store all your records, documentation and files, and because an HRIS is such an efficient gatekeeper, management becomes much easier as your documents are organized and stored in such a way that they can be easily retrieved.

Read HR Revolution’s top 3 benefits of using an HRIS system:

  1. It will track your employees’ holiday

Keeping track of your employees’ holiday usage is a legal requirement. Your business is required to report on statutory annual leave taken as it’s a legal requirement to ensure all employees take their minimum holidays (which currently sits in the UK at 20 days + bank holidays).

  1. It will track employees’ absences

If you have an HRIS then employee absences will be tracked in the system. HR should manage this process to ensure consistency across the business and that they are accurately and securely kept. You can also use to keep any supporting documentation which is useful with appraisals and help with any disciplinary processes.

  1. It will ensure you are GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliance is super-tight for employee records, this means that all businesses must ensure any personal details, such as contracts of employment, PAYE information, National Insurance, ID documents, certificates etc… are kept confidentially and ideally either password protected or encrypted. Breach of GDPR regulations can lead to huge fines for businesses and much wasted time and stress. By using a HRIS it will protect your business, your confidential employee information and be accessible in one place.

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