If an employee’s first day at work is Day One, then the moment they accept the job offer should be considered Day Zero. What happens in between is all the preparation needed to ensure your new hire is seamlessly welcomed into your business from the moment they step foot through the front door (or log onto the team video conference for the first time).

These are the top things to consider including in your onboarding process:

1. Be organized – onboarding a new hire involves a fair bit of collating documentation and sending notifications to various people, so create a checklist to stay on track. You can then see at a glance if your new hire has yet to provide their payroll details, or if you still are still waiting on a reference to be returned.

2. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork – some you need for legal/compliance reasons, some just makes your life easier! From offer letters and contracts to starter packs and payroll forms, make sure that your paperwork is designed effectively to capture all the relevant information you need to get your new starter set up correctly.

3.  Prepare them for their first day – sending a friendly welcome email in advance of their first day can help your new starter feel accepted and part of the team before they’ve even begun. This is also an opportunity to provide them with all the details they might need – directions, what time to arrive, who to ask for, what documentation to bring, where to park etc.

4. Verify their right to work documents – to ensure compliance with UKVI policy it is important that the original documents are seen, verified and recorded. Where businesses are onboarding remote staff due to the pandemic, temporary measures have been introduced meaning that right to work checks can be carried out over video calls and the employee can send a scanned copy or photo of their documents using email or a mobile app.

5. Plan their induction – the first day of any new employee is typically spent touring their new workplace, meeting colleagues, getting a feel for the company and reading through compulsory policies. Make sure you have scheduled time for introductions with the relevant people, designated a buddy, and prepared their workspace with everything they might need.

6. Dedicate time to checking in – regular one to ones should be par for the course during your new hire’s working journey, but it is a good idea to schedule a catch up at the end of their first week to see how they have been settling in. Aside from giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have, this can help show your colleague they are a valued addition to the team, both in terms of the skills they offer and the human element they bring.

We can help from interview to employment by following all the necessary procedures to guarantee a smooth introduction to your company. We can ensure your new team members join you in the most inspiring and informed way, just in get in touch! Drop us an email at hello@hrevolution.co.uk