Candidates are conducting their own research into a company before they even consider applying for a job, so it is essential that before you begin hiring for a role you are happy with how you look online from a job seekers perspective. The rise of social media has meant that companies are expected to be transparent about their employer brand, financial performance, and engagement levels.

Check out our 5 top tips on Things To Consider With Your Company Branding:

  1. Keep your online profiles updated

If you are hoping to attract the very best employees into your business, then you need to have a compelling career website that supports across all devices, especially mobile.   Your website, social and digital content culminate to form an overall impression that will dictate whether a candidate buys into your brand and ultimately applies for a job.

  1. Build in a careers page to your website

A section on your website dedicated to what it’s like to work for your business is crucial if you want to attract job seekers as well as passive candidates i.e. Those who aren’t looking but could be persuaded. It will also show future candidates how you compare to your competitors too.

  1. Have an easy application process

The easier you make the application process the more qualified candidates you will see applying for opportunities. Make it easy for a candidate to apply to a job on a mobile device too.

  1. Showcase you team on your website

Having a section on the website about your team supports talent attraction techniques as it showcases what your business is all about and what it is like to be part of your team. Making sure you’ve recruited the right people for your business culture means that they are much more likely to remain with you for the long term, so providing information on your team is essential. 

  1. Use company LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an essential tool for talent hiring, therefore if your company isn’t present on the site then a candidate considering applying to your open position may drop off. Candidates can use LinkedIn to understand your business, research who works there already and apply for jobs via the job postings.

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