Managing a team isn’t easy, you have to juggle your own workload, manage expectations, be accountable, be supportive, set a good example the list goes on. However, there are some things you can think about and put in place to help make the way your team work with, and for you, more positive and productive.

  1. Become Future-Focused

Managers and executives who encourage their team to do better in the future – rather than focusing on past shortcomings – see better results.

  1. Create A Continuous Feedback Loop

Use weekly one-to-one check-ins in combination with employee surveys to facilitate an ongoing loop of feedback.

  1. Praise More Than You Criticize

Constructive criticism is necessary; it’s the only way to show employees where they went wrong so that they can do better for the future. Give praise three times as often as you provide criticism to avoid demotivating your team.

  1. Create A Powerful Goals Framework

Make goals measurable and track employee progress by implementing an effective goal setting strategy, such as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

  1. Provide Growth Opportunities

Lack of development opportunities is the number-one reason people leave their jobs. Understanding how your people want to grow shows that you’re invested in developing their talents.

  1. Ask Questions

Instead of responding to every question employee’s ask, great managers encourage deep thinking by asking the questions instead. Even better: listen to responses and coach to help find creative solutions.

  1. Achieve Goal Alignment

Make sure that goals are cascading down from the executive level AND coming from direct contributors. Collaborate with teams to create buy-in and ensure that company priorities are reflected in objectives.

  1. Build Strengths

Leveraging your employees’ strengths is far more productive than trying to “fix” their weaknesses. Invest your time and resources in further developing their existing skills and talents.

  1. Show Employees the Impact of Their Work

Allow employees to see how their contributions are helping to move the needle. Let them know that every contributor has a significant impact on supporting company objectives.

  1. Reiterate Company Values

Today’s employees are purpose-driven. Show employees how company values are reflected in organizational goals, and they’ll perform better because their work will have greater meaning.

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