We have put together our advice on what we think will be the top trending topics for this year!

Read on to discover the top 3 HR trends for 2023!

People-centred policies

As society increasingly recognises people as individuals rather than a homogenous unit who can be treated in standardised ways, so too have employers started to realise that employees can’t work with one set of rules that fits all. 

In 2023 and beyond we will see organisation leaders and HR policies follow suit by being more in tune with individual needs, increasingly empathetic and adaptive. This coincides with the increasing overlap between work and home life initiated by home working during the pandemic and the continued desire for hybrid working as a driver for better work-life balance. Recognising how people are at home, as well as at work, and their need for self-expression is increasingly a cornerstone of policy that HR departments will be asked to help with.

Career path support

With an increasing number of employees working from home and minimal time spent in the office, the career path isn’t so visible and clear to employees. They haven’t spent time talking to their peers or seniors so may not realise the various paths by which others have come to the same position nor the potential for promotion and career enhancement.

HR departments have a key role to play here in ensuring organisations not only provide career path opportunities but communicate them effectively. When there are few visible career opportunities, staff that you have trained and nurtured will leave the business to find more money, more job satisfaction, or a quicker route to the top. Fully engaged employees are given opportunities to grow and to be fully accountable in their roles. Engaged employees build happier, healthier and more productive teams.

The employment exit

While we have benefited as an economy in 2022 from high employment figures, the Government confirmed in the Autumn Statement that the UK Is in recession. We will likely see an increase in redundancies in 2023.  

Managing an exit plan is a task that requires experience, authority, and tact. HR teams have to help their clients to strike the delicate balance between legal protection and minimising the impact a leaver may have on others in the organisation. With sufficient support, leaving an organisation can be a positive experience and organisations who offer outsourced HR, as we do at HR Revolution, can help with the process from a hands-on perspective or provide guidance that ensures you follow the right procedures for a successful outcome.

If any of the above sounds like a trend you recognise in your organisation, please contact us at HR Revolution. We have years of experience in providing outsourced HR, in a flexible manner, which enables employers to pick and choose from our services whether you need us for one-off or ongoing HR tasks. We are happy to help. Please email us at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk