An effective induction process is key to getting any employee off to the right start; make them feel valued, welcome and part of the team from day one. It really is your company’s first impression, and you know what they say about that!

Here are our top 5 tips to improve your induction process:

  1. Prepared and Tailor Made

An induction should be prepared prior to an employee starting and rolled out to all new starters. However, it should be adapted to include the most suitable information dependent upon seniority and the role itself. An effective induction should cover everything from the expectations of the role to where the tea and coffee is made!

  1. Self-Driven Induction

Many learn at their own pace and an induction should be no exception! Their induction should support their learning and be a tool to help them learn about their role and the company. This will also help to cut out any feelings of becoming too overwhelmed.

  1. Build in Company Culture and Values

This is a great opportunity to introduce the company’s mission, core values and culture as it aligns the employee’s mindset to match the business’ expectations and direction for the future. A company’s culture is one of the main reason’s employees stay in their job and is known to improve employee engagement and productivity, so show them your employees are at the heart of yours from day one.

  1. Timeline of Events

Exposing the employee to different aspects of the role over a period of time and being detailed in their induction pack provides the employee with a chance of what to expect so they don’t become overloaded with information and enhance their learning. It is important to remember that these timings do not need to be set in stone and can be flexible depending on progress.

  1. Catch Ups

Regular catch ups should be involved in the induction process to provide a chance to ask questions and go through any issues. It is also a good opportunity to get to know each other!

To get the most from your new recruit, your induction and onboarding process should be a positive experience!

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