Attracting Apprentices and Interns to your business has the potential to add huge value to any business if managed in the right way.

Check out our important points to consider to be successful:

  1. Inclusive Advertisement

There is certain stigma surrounding apprentices and interns having to be school leavers, however, this is simply not the case! Using inclusive language, considering where the roles are advertised and varying the requirements of the role can attract a diverse range of candidates each bringing their own skills and experience from various perspectives.

  1. Effective Interview Process

Encouraging the employment of apprentices and interns is a great way to identify raw talent. A successful interview process should focus on the skills and abilities they already possess and their determination to develop new ones. This is also a great way of identifying those individuals who would be a good culture fit and promote your company values.

  1. Performance Management

It is essential that all apprentices and interns are given regular reviews (informally or formally) to set objectives and provide feedback. This is a great way of keeping them on track with their development and keeping them engaged with the business. Implementing a training matrix/plan early on can provide a way to encourage scope with their learning, maintain expectations and provide ways to improve.

  1. Supportive Company Culture

A supportive company culture where apprentices and interns are encouraged to learn is where you will see their potential skyrocket. Having approachable team members who take the time to teach and encourage questions is where learning will be most efficient. Providing mentors to apprentices and interns is not only a great way for them to learn but could also provide progression and engagement for existing members of staff. This also develops the reputation of the business and could potentially attract a larger pool of candidates.

  1. Cost & Filling Skill Gaps

Cost is ultimately what a lot of business decisions come down to. The Government provides funding, if certain criteria is met, to encourage businesses to invest in apprentices and interns. The hope is that by providing this incentive not only will offer a solution to skill gaps in the market, but in turn build the knowledge of an apprentice/intern with the view to turn them into a fully-fledged permanent employee who will champion the needs and expectation of your business.

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