Every year an increasing number of businesses are targeted by cybercriminals, who have no regard for whether they are targeting small, medium, or large enterprises, affecting them all for their own gain. With tension heating up between China, Russia and the rest of the world, there are fears of further large-scale cyber disruption ahead of us.

As an employer you need to ensure you have defences in place and that they are as up-to-date as possible. This relies on your IT department putting effective firewalls and security in place. Not only that but any personal data you keep also needs to be GDPR secure. Both aspects mean putting in place comprehensive workplace policies regarding computer and data security.

Employees need to:

  1. Be made aware that there is a daily risk of a cyber threat that can’t be underplayed.
  2. Know the company’s security procedures regarding passwords and software.
  3. Understand exactly what they must do if they do find anything suspicious.

The consequences of a cybersecurity breach can be financial loss, data loss or general disruption of business. The risk to reputation is also significant and could result in losing customers and market share. This is hard to quantify but must be considered when weighing up the cost of preventive measures.

HR Revolution recommends the Breathe HR software to our clients for all their people’s data needs, it’s even the system we use ourselves! It has modules for every aspect of people management to help run and keep your whole HR database easily maintained and secure, managing everything from payroll and holiday to sickness and absence.

A key Breathe feature is that it keeps your people’s data secure and GDPR compliant. It’s built by security best practices, privacy by design requirements and appropriate security controls. The Breathe software is ISO 27001 compliant, low cost, simple to use and effective.

If you would like help with keeping your business cyber secure and want to know more about Breathe HR, please get in touch, and contact us at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk. You can also start your free Breathe HR Trial here to see for yourself how it can transform your business!