Managing an ever-growing workload can seem like an almost impossible feat to achieve some days. Taking proactive steps to manage this can help ensure you stay on top of it and it doesn’t spiral out of control.

Read our top tips to help effectively manage your workload:

Make a list

As basic as it sounds, just creating a to-do list can often make your workload easier to tackle. Being able to visibly see what your outstanding tasks are can help make them seem less daunting.


Once you have created your to-do list, it can help you to identify where your priorities lie. It can be difficult to know where to start when faced with a lengthy to-do list but by numbering, highlighting, or reordering your list you know exactly what tasks are most important and need to be actioned first.

Take a break

It is easy to become stressed when there is lots of work to do. Instead of getting overwhelmed, walk away for 5 minutes. Taking the time away can help you relax and see things from a different perspective.


It is important to remember that you are part of a team that can offer you support if needed. If your workload is out of hand, speak up and see if a colleague can take some of the strain off and help.

Set realistic expectations

It can be easy to fall into the habit of agreeing to take on work even though you are already at capacity. It is important to communicate realistic timeframes before taking on the work as your colleagues and managers may not know how much you already have on your plate.

Stay organised

Whether you are a fan of an old-school diary or prefer to do things electronically, make use of any organisational resources you may have to block out your time and stay on top of future tasks.

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