A job advert is not the same as a job description; it is the first impression candidates get of your Company. As well as describing the job vacancy,  a job advert should aim to sell the role to attract the best candidates.

See below for our top tips on how to write a great job advert!

Job Title

Accurate job titles are vital to ensuring that candidates can find your vacancy easily in their job search and that you’re attracting the most appropriate candidates. So, make sure you take the time to pick the correct and most accurate job title for the role.

Introduce Your Company

Before you dive into the job role, take the opportunity to write a small introduction about your Company.

Why should candidates apply to work with you over anyone else? What sets your Company apart?

Don’t be afraid to show off, you want the candidate to be excited about the prospect of joining the team!

Role and Responsibilities

Arguably the most important section of your job advert, a clear explanation of the role gives candidates insight into what the job entails and whether they have the right skills and experience.

Make sure you talk to relevant people in your company to understand what’s needed for the role before writing your job advert. Everyone in the team should be on the same page about what’s needed and what the new starter’s responsibilities will be.

And don’t forget, this is a job advert, not a job description. Providing a detailed and honest breakdown of the roles and responsibilities is another ideal opportunity to sell your role to the candidate. Think about what would make the ideal candidate excited about this role; why should they apply?

Qualifications and Experience

Clearly list out any qualifications and experience an ideal candidate would have. List these in order of importance, from most important to least, and be as specific as you can. This will help candidates identify whether they’re right for the role before applying.

Is a certain qualification or experience in a particular sector a dealbreaker? Then say so! It’s unlikely even the best of candidates will have everything on your list, but specifying which types of experience and qualifications are essential, makes it clear what you’re looking for. It also saves you time at the interview stage by only speaking to candidates who tick every box on your ‘essentials’ list.

Location and Working Hours

Location and working hours are vital factors for candidates to consider when applying for a job. By providing this information clearly in your job advert, you minimise the number of applicants applying for a role their personal circumstances may not be suited to, saving you time further down the line.


We’d always recommend including a salary or salary bracket in your job advert. Not only does it help to save time liaising with candidates and trying to figure out their expectations versus your budget, but it is also attractive to candidates. They will appreciate you being upfront, and this clarity will enable the candidate to decide whether the job offers enough remuneration for their lifestyle and commitments.


Do you offer your employees a benefits package? Shout about it!

All too often job adverts don’t include all the wonderful benefits candidates can expect to receive if they work for you. Including benefits in your job advert shows the candidate that you are a Company that cares about their employees, and may just give you the edge over other companies the candidate is in conversations with.

Benefits don’t only consist of medical insurance, pensions, or voucher schemes, but can include all sorts of advantages such as free parking, free gym membership, snacks in the office, and your birthday off every year, to name a few.

Have a good think about everything you offer to your current employees and don’t be afraid to lure candidates in with these perks!

Remember: A job advert is not the same as a job description, you need to sell your job vacancy to prospective candidates. If you would like more advice on this download our free guide here and get in touch with the team at HRREV! Drop us an email at hello@hrrevolution.co.uk.